Sell smarter with Assistant

Assistant helps you with meeting prep, note logging, and keeps you up-to-date on your CRM pipeline,

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Smart Cards

Assistant presents context-based cards based on information from your calendar, email, and CRM system.

Smart Card Smart Card
Smart Card Smart Card
Smart Card Smart Card
I love Immediately and it's making my end of day updates so much easier!

Automated Meeting Prep

Immediately does the research before every sales meeting, so that you can just focus on getting the deal closed.

Automated meeting
Immediately is a powerful sales tool that helped me reduce time & become more efficient managing daily sales activities & driving opportunities. It's a must have for any busy sales professional looking to maximize their productivity.

Painless Note Logging

The best time to log a meeting to Salesforce is right after it happens, wherever you are. We make it a matter of 30 seconds and a few taps.

Painless Note Logging
Immediately is a beautifully designed mobile application that acts as a seasoned clairvoyant sales assistant for account executives - helping with scheduling, tracking emails, recording data into Salesforce
Painless Note Logging

Salesforce in your Palm

Your CRM - useful, mobile. View opportunity history, update your pipeline, and log meeting notes in 30 seconds.

Sales Email

Track message opens, easily log emails to Salesforce, and get quick context about senders.