Email tailored just for sellers

Send tracked emails, set follow-up reminders, and more with mobile email in Immediately, designed with salespeople in mind.

iPhone loose CRM

More context = more deals.

Immediately analyzes every email, and presents any relevant deal context from Salesforce and beyond. That way, you always have all the information you need, where you need it.

Just one tap to log inbound emails to Salesforce. Immediately takes care of the rest.
Painless Note Logging
Context on related accounts and opps right in thread where you need it
Most AE’s spend considerable time with logging CRM, call prep, etc. - instead of strategically selling. Immediately solves this problem!

Send Smarter Email

Immediately includes a complete email client with functionality tailored for selling. Close more deals with tracking, templates, followup reminders, and single-tap logging.

Use templates to quickly reply with preformatted emails. You can use our presets, or create your own.
Log emails to Saleforce right as you send them
Automated meeting
Add attachments locally or from Dropbox
Track email opens to know when the iron is hot
Set up follow-up reminders so that no conversation slips through the cracks
Immediately is a tool for the new age intelligent sales rep, who spends more time in the field closing deals because of information at his or her fingertips.
Painless Note Logging


Assistant presents context-based cards based on information from your calendar, email, and CRM system.

Painless Note Logging

Salesforce in your Palm

Your CRM - useful, mobile. View opportunity history, update your pipeline, and log meeting notes in 30 seconds.