Salesforce in your Palm

Search, update, and act on your Salesforce accounts, opportunities, and contacts.

iPhone loose CRM

Full CRM Search

Immediately makes it easy to full-text search everything in your Salesforce and take the right next action.

Automated meeting
Immediately enables our sales team to seamlessly enter data into our CRM system within an optimized mobile workflow, helping improve our data accuracy and cleanliness.

Smart Account and Contact Cards

You never have to leave Immediately to find out the context on a contact or an account. News updates, LinkedIn info, Twitter posts - it’s all there.

Opportunity Dossiers
As a sales executive on the go, its very important for me to have context and information about the people I am meeting and about the relationships I am building. Immediately enables that beautifully.

Opportunity Dossiers

All opportunity data is now at your fingertips and easy to update. Search through opportunity history, update stage and probability and log calls and meetings painlessly.

Get instant access to opportunity history
Easily view and edit salesforce data, including custom fields
Opportunity Dossiers
Log notes, tasks, calls, emails, and more
Update opportunities, accounts, and contacts without rushing back to the office. Yes, even custom fields.
As a field consultant for @Sunrun #solar, I am really starting to fall in love with @Immediatelyapp http://immediately.helpshift.…

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Assistant presents context-based cards based on information from your calendar, email, and CRM system.

Sales Email

Track message opens, easily log emails to Salesforce, and get quick context about senders.